Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Blasts from the Past, Day 15

Goodness! Here we are halfway through the month already.

Speaking of abridgements, I'd nearly forgotten, until it was called to my attention the other day, that the first couple of David Rosenfelt titles I did for Listen and Live were actually "abridged." Fans of the series have complained that they wished the complete versions were available. Given the average running time of these titles when they are not abridged, I feel comfortable assuring people that very little was left out in shortening the books from eight to seven hours. The folks at Listen and Live soon realized that it wasn't necessary to abridged these.

And speaking of series--how about when another company picks up an author in mid-series and changes the narrator? Hoo boy, that's some fun!! The virulent, outraged and often obscene reactions of fans is something to behold. I think Audible's "instant feedback" feature has been instrumental in reducing this practice to a minimum. I've noticed that usurpers are more inclined to track down the original narrator these days, if they can, so the series can continue without disruption. This is generally a good thing. Unless there's some shatteringly compelling reason to make the switch, you're better off to leave things as they are.

When I see a new book in a series coming up, I'm quick to contact the narrator immediately to give them a heads up and make sure they reserve the time, even if it's a year from now.

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